Calculating CNC Router Tool Feed Rates

The chip load is a measurement of the thickness of material removed by each cutting edge during a cut. This is a valuable piece of information that can then be used to calculate new set ups.

Chip loads are based on material thickness of average size for cutting edge length of tool. The calculation below does not apply to thicker material or tools with long cutting edge lengths. These feed rates are only a recommended starting point and may not accommodate all circumstances. Therefore, tooling damage may still occur and use of this calculator does not provide any warranty against tool breakage.

RPM Selection

The general operating RPM for tooling contained on this site is between 10,000 and 20,000 revolutions per minute. Usually, the higher the RPM, the better the surface finish becomes. However, the higher the RPM, the higher the friction generated between the tool and the workpiece. This friction is what creates the mechanical wear on the cutting edge. Your goal is to select the lowest RPM possible for each application.

We would strongly encourage you to consult us directly on new tool applications. Our staff will be happy to discuss any technical questions by phone or email.

Select CNC Router Material and Tooling Settings

Speed RPM (10,000 - 20,000 rpm):

Number of Flutes (1 - 6):
Select Material:
Select Tool Diameter up to:

As well as our standard range of tooling we also offer a custom tooling service to provide CNC Router tools to you exact specification. Follow this link for further information on custom CNC Router tooling.